What Is MyTwoCents

MyTwoCents helps you make better decisions using knowledge of your friends. Got a decision to make? Want to get other opinions?

Create a Question and send it out. See Answers being Submitted and Rated. Get what you need!

Why It Works

It has been proven many times over that groups outperform individuals while making all sorts of decisions. The best decisions are made individually yet in a presence of the input by other people. Besides, if you plan something with a bunch of friends over a weekend it makes sense to talk it over. it is even cooler if you can do it without resorting to a chain email couple miles long.

Why It Is Different

Sure we love Facebook, Twitter, Quora, chats and emails. Facebook is for telling your friends what you are up to, Twitter is for telling the world about whatever you find interesting, Quora is to see whatever others are interested in, chats and emails are for keeping in touch, MyTwoCents is for making better decisions. Not all opinions are equal. More often than not, an opinion by people you know is much more relevant than the one by complete strangers. Besides, there are a lot of things in life you wouldn’t want to discuss with strangers. MyTwoCents gives you full control over who you ask what. Your pick people whose opinions you want to hear, you chose whether the discussion can be expanded via forwarding, you have an option to delete, block or report the information that you find inappropriate. MyTwoCents works independently from other social networks. Neither you nor your friends need social networks accounts for using MyTwoCents.

MyTwoCents For iPhone

MyTwoCents App has all sorts of additional features. It handles pictures, integrates with your phone address book and notifies you about changes in your active discussions.

At average we make about 500 decisions a day. Sure enough, some of those may benefit from a little help by your friends.

Your life is mobile and so is MyTwoCents. Here are what the App may be really useful for in your daily life: Planning a movie night out and want to quickly find out what everyone in your party wants to see? Trying to pick a place to have a dinner with friends and not sure what everyone prefers? Want your friends opinion on a new gym or yoga studio in your neighbourhood? MyTwoCents App is built for this kind of questions.

What’s Next?

We want to make MyTwoCents to be the best decision making support service there is. We are working on a whole bunch of new features including better picture handling for both web and mobile, social network integration on demand, a number of usability improvement and a suite of the business features making this service into the leading polling and crowd decision making platform. Feel free to send us your comments and suggestions. We are listening.

Any Other Questions?

Let us know via feedback service, email or tweet us, we’ll tweet back!